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How can asset management help you save (and earn) money?

If you are looking to make more money with your investment property, you have probably played around with the idea of hiring an asset manager. If you have considered asset management but aren’t quite sure if the investment is worth it, keep reading. For most investors and property owners, real estate asset management is a great way to help you save and earn money. To find out how investing in real estate asset management can maximize your portfolio, keep reading!

Real Estate Asset Management

Asset management in real estate is all about making sure that a property is at its maximum value for investment purposes. This requires a knowledge of the market, constant research and analysis and an ability to forecast revenue. If you aren’t able to dedicate a large chunk of your time to staying on top of the markets, researching going rates and analyzing trends, you may be missing opportunities for your property or making uneducated decisions. Hiring an asset manager will ensure that you have someone on your side who is able to dedicate themselves full time to making sure your assets are performing well. 

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Asset managers will have a knowledge of the big picture that allows them to see things that you may not. Reducing expenditures is just one of the many duties that an asset manager takes on. Having an industry professional examine your property and reduce your spending will not only help streamline your property upkeep and maintenance, it will save you a lot of money.

The “You” Factor

One of the most important aspects of an asset manager is the ability to make decisions based not only on up-to-date industry knowledge and experience, but also on the client and their personal needs. An asset manager will get to know your life and your needs and make the necessary adjustments to suit your individual portfolio. Your asset manager will take your job status (employed, retiring soon, retired) into account when making decisions on your property and make sure that you are properly prepared for the future. They will also take into account personal factors, such as kids approaching college-age or changes in health, when they make decisions on your portfolio. 

Long story short, an asset manager’s job is to maximize your return on investment. In many cases, this involves the asset manager selecting a property manager to make sure things run smoothly on the ground at your investment. Another important job of the asset manager is to mitigate your risk exposure. While much of the asset manager’s responsibility is making you money, they are also responsible with making sure you have to worry about as few details as possible.

So, is an asset manager worth it? Unless you are able to dedicate a large amount of your time to market research, analysis, property management or revenue forecasting, an asset manager is most likely a worthwhile investment for your portfolio. Asset managers help save money by reducing your expenditures, help make you money by analyzing the market and maximizing your return on investment and allow you to be confident that your property is being managed well. In most cases, the money invested on a responsible and knowledgeable asset manager is money spent on peace of mind and the growth of your pockets.